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animal Names: beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I've had Beetlejuice since he was just barely crawling. When I used to hold him he would try to suckle on my finger, that basically sold the deal. Although his mustache was nice to. :)

He was born at my half-sister's house by a stray cat they had taken in. He's my little Independence Day baby! He had 4 other siblings, 3 black, all female, and 1 gray and white striped, male.

I'm not sure what breed he is, he's kind of a mix. I think he's sort of like an American Shorthair, Tuxedo, Tabby mix.

He's kind of a fatso, but that's okay. I still love him.

Currently he lives in a house hold with 2 other cats, and 3 dogs. So to keep fights from occurring(One of our dogs is very territorial and doesn't really like cats. He wouldn't hurt them, it's just less stressful to keep them separated.) we keep the cats in our Sun Room. Although all 3 do come into the house every so often. Beetlejuice has a habit of I'll bring him into my room for most of the day and he'll chill with me, but when I put him back in the Sun Room he'll sit there and meow. He's got a tadddd bit of separation anxiety. I believe this is brought on by the fact that we travel a lot, so I'm often gone at times and he doesn't like it.

When we went to get him neutered they found out that his "outty" belly button wasn't actually an outty, his insides were actually coming out from something about the way the umbilical cord was cut. But we had caught it early enough that it was no problem, he just had to have it surgically shut. Which the vet did at the same time he was neutered.

A few years ago I made a start at harness training him, but for the past year it's been in a box(Moving a lot.) and he's actually to fat for it for the past...while. I need to look into getting him a bigger one. Currently he knows how to sit, and can come when called when he's not being a stubborn butt.

Beetlejuice's nickname is "Little Motorboat" because ever since he was small he purrs LOUDLY and he sounds like a motorboat.

UPDATE: 10/24/13 -
Beetlejuice has been very stuffed up lately, before we left for fall break. So about a week. As we were worried, we took them to the vet today....It's not the greatest news in the word.

Him and one of the other cats have Herpes. No. Not like human herpes... Herpes in cats(I don't know if it's the same in humans, but it's NOT an STD.) is a permanent upper respitory(Pardon my spelling) infection. Although he will NOT remain stuffy for ever more, stressors will trigger it, and it will come back. Herpes is a disease that gets in the blood and stays in the cat's neurons. It's likely him and the younger cat were both effected when they were small(as they came from the same house) and it's just now showing itself.

I have eye ointment and antibiotics that they will both be on for a little while. Eye ointment is 1 week, not sure how long the antibiotics is. Both are twice daily. He also weighs 13.8 pounds.

Domestic Shorthair

I've known my baby sense he was crawling and could kinda see. He loves laying on me, And taking a nap cuddled with me. and he just all around likes me. He is sooo cute sleeping on me =) he likes playing sooo much =) he makes funny noises in his sleep. I dunno why 0-o =^.^= meow, He's just all around is so nice, sweet, and cute =) he LOVES cudding with me =) He loves getting as high as he can on my lap :P He likes laying on my laptop when i'm using it, and likes looking outside and at our many frogs(Yup, Alot :P) and he is scared of our dogs, he likes Walrus, and climbing stuff. He likes to play fight with Spike and Walrus to.

Update: I put pictures of Beetlejuice up. Only 1 though, add more later, It's from my phone :P add more later :P

Update:There! My camera fixed itself(I dunno how) and i added some pictures of Beetlejuice from it =) So cute =)

Update:I'v put more pictures up, he's gotten longer! =) he's going to be nurtered soon =) Wow i got alot of pictures of him! =D

Update, Yet again: I'm excited! I'm gonna start training him soon, and one of the things i'm gonna teach, is Collar training! =D!

Update(Wow lots :P): He's started Collar Training =D He's kinda learning Sit. And he does not like snow hehe. he got super scared when i took him outside.

Update: Beetlejuice is getting Fixed today =D!

Update July 20th 2011: Beetly(His little nickname! :3) is doing amazing. He's hyper, and loves to chase bugs, and pounce on the strings on my pants! He doesnt like being held on his back, and is growing so much! He's 2 years old now, how exciting. And he's VERY cuddly. He went to bordering why we were out of town one day, and lost a lot of weight, but he's gaining more weight.

PS. Spike is the smaller gray cat, and Walrus is the gray and white one, and Beetlejuice is the main one XP!