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animal Names: bennie

Bennie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Found in the parking lot at work, he was abused and malnourished, very stubborn but very sweet. a fan of designer goods and plush toys. loves the occasional deer knuckle

Coton De Tulear

Hi My name is Bennie. I came to my mommy when I was 8 months old. I came from a rescue. I had a very very very hard start, my old family abused me. Now I am in a great home and totally love my family. I get spoiled so much. I do have the terrier personality, so I am funny as heck. I totally love playing with my brothers, especailly Mikkie we are very close. I also love cuddling with my mommy. I no longer have to be in a crate all my life, and I feel so free and happy. Thank you all for visiting my page and voting for me. Let me know you voted for me, I know you are cute and will get my vote. Even if someone did not vote for me they are cute....Thanks everyone.