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animal Names: beyonce

Beyonce is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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My name is Beyonce. I was once a shelter cat but my mom Toni adopted me and gave me a wonderful home and a great dad. I have been in and out of the shelter since 08' but I wasn't discouraged about finding the right family. I got brought back twice, once because my owner of a week couldn't have another cat so close to her other cats death, the second and last time I was brought to the shelter was when my owners of 2 years moved away. I thought I was special enough to move too, but I was wrong. On august 1st a nice lady named Toni came to the shelter. She saw me in a pets AD at her work. She thought I was so cute (because I am very cute :D) and she came to see me! As soon as our eyes met she knew and I knew that we must be united. She knew right away that I was the cat she had been looking for. She adopted me right away. Sad story to a happy ending :) meow. I love to follow you around if you'll let me. I am the only child at my dad and moms apartment. My mom does have another cat Teeter but Teeter lives with Gracen Joe at my moms fathers house in Bloomington. I'm a very lovable cat so my mom is happy with just having me as her only baby of the house even though I know she misses Teeter and Gray. I love making friends so let's become buddies! :)


I think you can all guess who I was named after! Unfortunately I passed away on 18th September 2011. I was very sad to have left my humans and my dear friends Pixie and Treacle, though Treacle has now joined me. I choked on something that obviously wasn't edible. I never was very clever, always trying to eat things that were very appetising. My mum was very upset, we had many good times together, but I can watch over her from Rainbow Fields, and be with Treacle and her old friend Honey, who I never met when I was alive, but I was always told that I would have liked her. Farewell, Cuteness friends.