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animal Names: big+guy

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Big Guy
Border Collie

Welcome to my page! I have been here for a while, but, somehow, mommy thinks a hacker, me and my brother and sisters got deleted and we have to start all over.
I bet your wondering why my name is so different than my brother and sisters….well, I’m about to tell you.
I wandered up to my mommy and uncle David’s (Uncle David lives, like, next door to mommy) property in a very very hot June of 2009. That summer was 95-105 without the heat index, so I decided to live under Uncle David’s house. When it became obvious that I was not going anywhere in the heat, Uncle David let mommy feed me. After she noticed I am a boy and would come to feed me she would say, “Big Guy want to eat” and that’s how I got my name.
I was in REALLY bad shape. Extremely malnourished, a chain double wrapped around my neck, hair missing on my ears and very thin and dull everywhere else.
I wouldn’t let my mommy pet me for two weeks. She was as nervous about me as I was her. When she would come feed me, she would set the food in the yard and walk about 20 feet away. I would go eat, do my business and go right back under the house. One day I wagged my little nub when she was talking to me. A couple of days after that I let her pet me. A couple of days later, being so skinny paid off because she was able to slide that chain off of my neck. A couple of days after that I moved to her house under her porch. She bought me some fans and wetted the dirt for me because it was so very hot.
She tried and tried to find a home for me. Posted me online, pictures at vet offices,, rescue groups and even some folks on here tried to help.
On a very hot day in August when mommy came home from grooming April, I was under the porch panting heavily. So, she pulled Aprils crate from under her bed and set it up for me in the house. I LOVE AC! Mommy could tell I had never been in a house before because I was VERY unsure of the tile in the kitchen. My paws were spread out cause it was like being on ice. I was a very good boy going in and out of the house. You see, at that time I wasn’t neutered and I never once hiked my leg in the house. When she saw what a good boy I was, I got to have an entire bedroom.
A rescue group offered to help mommy out with my first trip to the vet. I had never been in a vehicle before, I had no sense of balance. The vet said I was about 2 years old and I had heartworms. Thank you Jesus, with only one treatment and the mighty prayer warriors on this site, I am heartworm free.
Most of the people here that were praying for me knew where my fur-ever home was to be, it took mommy a little longer to figure it out. So now I have a mommy and 3 sisters and a brother.
When mommy got me neutered, they did some x-rays. Those nasty x-rays say I have hip dysplasia, Jesus says I am healthy and whole.
Mommy says I am a blessing and a very good boy. I have never tore anything up in the house, well, except some of my own toys. I let Cassie, Jax and Trista rub on me and I get to sniff them. I would like to play with April, but, with the 8 year age difference she doesn’t want to. Mommy says to this day I am still coming out of my shell. I do not like young boys, 9-14. Mommy thinks it’s because before I came to be with her I was abused by some.
Today I am a happy Big Guy. I get to go to the park with April, the kitchen floor doesn’t bother me, I get run of the house and spoiled.

Mommy loves to pray for us and would love to pray for you too. She set up the “Hope” page for prayer requests and praise reports. There are some mighty prayer warriors on this site!