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animal Names: biscuits

Biscuits is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Street cat

Biscuits is a street cat from Grenada. She thinks she's an upgraded version of a dog, and can sit & shake for her meals (although with a little more attitude than her doggie siblings).

Maine Coon

Biscuits is Fuzzy Wonderful.

He has an older brother, Osiris, and an older sister, Kitty Maow. Osiris is a snuggler; he likes to hold Biscuits down and wash him. Kitty is spunky; she likes to play and zoom around the house with Biscuits.

Biscuits has very long hair, and I am having trouble keeping it from matting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have tried (so far) cutting the mats out, thinning shears, a shedding comb, and just plain brushing with several types of brushes. His problem areas are under his chin and under his arms.