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animal Names: blackberry

Blackberry is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Blackberry? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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American Shorthair

Blackberry is Satin's sister and is a short haired black kitty. Blackberry and Satin were both born here at home. Their siblings were also born here. I was fostering their mom Carmel at the time. Carmel was returned to her owners and the other siblings found good forever homes through the no-kill animal shelter where I do volunteer work. I still miss those kittens. I named the boy Sugar Bear and the other girls were Cookie, Tootsie, and Cindy Bear. I will always love and miss them and their beautiful mother Carmel. Blackberry's roommates are: Satin, Breezy, Tuffy, Midnight, Shadow, Tabu, Puff, and Calie. Blackberry loves to sit in my kitchen sink or the bathroom sink and roll over for me to pet her belly. She has always been a great jumper even when she was a small kitten under 2 months of age. She loves to sit on my lap and sleep, watch the birds and bunnies out our kitchen windows, and play with her sister Satin and our new kitty Breezy.


A little bit about me; I was born in Washington and I was bought at a pet store as a birthday present. The minute they brought me home, I became the head of the household.

Mr. Blackberry passed away in July 2010. He contracted an illness of some kind, and never was able to recover.