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animal Names: boots(ie)

Boots(ie) is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Maine Coon

"The POOSIS", Boots, Fur-face, The 'Bootah' and "What are you lookin at 'Gruesome'?" which I playfully say when she is glaring at me about my forgetting to do something for her!

Kitty Complexion:

Quick Bio:
-mixed breed -cat rescue


Sitting on her Daddy's chair arm when he is watching telly!

When other family folks "little dogs" come to visit! - she will just glare at them and occasionally give them a much needed 'hiss'! :)

Favorite Toy:
She really likes ponytail 'hair ties' for some strange reason and just about any pen or bauble that belongs to Yours Truly! heehee

Favorite Nap Spot:
By the window in the Den

Favorite Food:
No favorite food really - she is a finicky eater

She is so smart she can actually turn off a wall DIMMER SWITCH by rotating her paws- something I have never seen a cat do before! She also demonstrated she knows *how* to open door knobs even if her soft paws cannot gain enough purchase to turn them!


Arrival Story:
She was actually 'lent' to me by her Mommy during a period of my life when I really needed a four legged feline friend(I still do) and four years later she is still here with me making as much mischief as possible and reminding everyone she now OWNS the place!

She is a rescue kitty by her Mommy and was actually found living in the middle of a WALL!

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

Forums Motto:
All of your things are belong to ME!