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animal Names: bootsie

Bootsie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

I'm the baby of the family. I guard my house and serve as lookout. I don't get along well with my big brother.


Momma married Aunt Tiffy's brother in June 2011. When I met Aunt Tiffy, she fell in love with me. :) She said I look like a smaller version of a dog she used to have. He must have been pretty cute! Anyway... I love giving hugs to people who are holding me. I have a younger, but much bigger sister named Rascal. She's a German Shepard, but she tries to act like me. I like it when I get to go to Aunt Tiffy's. She usually has a new toy waiting for me. :)
I passed on 9/28/2012. Mom and Dad think that it was a heart attack or something of the sort. They originally thought I was hit, but they checked me over and I had no trama. I miss them but having cousin Spot, Sarah, Smitty, and my other friends here helps! Can't wait to see my family again!!


Bootsie, the cutest cat in the world