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animal Names: breezy

Breezy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Breezy is a tiny little Tortie girl (about 6 lbs) with bluish eyes and medium long fur. I am adopting her from a rescue in Wingdale, New York (She was rescued from a shelter in SC). She will be transported out here to me in Montana in about 3 weeks or so via the URRKN. They told me she is about 2 years old and very sweet. This sweetie was in a high kill shelter and needed out ASAP. I am very lucky to have found her and get a rescue to pull her just in time. She is very shy and was scared in that noisy, very crowded shelter. Her foster mom tells me that Breezy is much more relaxed now and very affectionate. I know she is safe and in good hands. I'll be so happy once she is out here and I can meet her (She is a real SC Southern Bell) in person. We must now wait for the Underground Rescue Railroad to process the paperwork and arrange her travel route and so forth. I have several other kitties and she will have playmates here (Tuffy, Blackberry, Satin, Tabu, Shadow, Calie, Midnight, and Puff). She will have her very own dishes, bed, toys, scratching post, and litter box. I have always loved Tortie cats and she will be my very first Tortie Kitty. Oh my, looks like Breezy and I will have to wait until May 11th before she can start her journey home as her trip from NY to Montana had to be rescheduled. The URRKN uses all volunteers so they are doing the best they can. Breezy and I will be so happy when she is finally home. UPDATE: Breezy arrived here on April 23, 2013. They flew her from New York to her forever home in Montana. Her foster mom brought Breezy to me in person. I was so happy to meet her foster mom who had taken such good care of my little Breezy. It is now June 4th and Breezy has adjusted very well to her new home and roomies. She is a very active, happy little sweetheart and I love her very much. She will always be my little Southern Belle from SC.