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animal Names: brick

Brick is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I'm Brick. Nice to meet you! My brother Charlie and I are looking for our forever home. In the meantime, we're staying with a nice family who treats us just like their own.


Hi, I'm Brick :) I'm a purebred Akita. I am fawn with a black overlay, black mask, and white markings. I'm 115 pounds and like to eat!

Mama and Daddy came and picked me out of a big litter when I was 7-8 weeks old. They drove over 8 hours (2 states away) just to come and get me :) Mom said she knew immediately from the pictures of my litter that I was the 'one' for them. I was one of the biggest in my litter and I'm still a pretty hefty boy :) My dog Mom was a Pinto (brown/white) Akita and my dog Dad was a black/white Akita. He was (and still is) a whopper at over 120 pounds.

I enjoy playing with Joey. She's smaller than me, but feisty and always ends up whooping my butt.... but in a nice way :) lol. I like to ride in the Jeep and go to the park or lake or anywhere! I love sticks and toys and any treats. I'm laid back and pretty easy to please. I enjoy squirrels (watching them - not eating them), cats and birds.