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animal Names: broccoli

Broccoli is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

I'm Broccoli, and everyone better do what I say. I can be a mean mofo if I don't get my way about things! I'm very chubby and cuddly, and because I was taken away from my mom too early I still suck on my tail and claw when I'm about to go to sleep, sort of like a baby sucking his thumb. I love to sleep on soft things, especially my humans' blankets, coats, bags and especially sweaters. Sara has the fluffiest, softest clothes!

When my human Tom first got me his previous cat had gone missing, so I was nicely spoiled. Then suddenly this cat came back (she's wicked skittish and doesn't like to play), and then Kasmira was just sort of adopted. She's a little pain in the butt, but she's fun to rough around with. I don't think I could ever be separated from her.

I'll eat anything, even that fake meat stuff my humans eat, but if their roommates ever have any meat, I''m going to jump in the air to knock it out of my hand. It's MINE! I'm used to getting my own way because I'm bigger, and sometimes I think I'd make a good puppy. I bitch and moan if I'm not allowed to go out onto the back porch (I can totally tell when he's about to go outside), but sometimes on the way back in I can sneak down into the basement. Heh heh! I also like to jump into the tub after people have taken a shower.

I can be very territorial about things that I sleep on or with. One time I deliberately sat in the litter box so no-one else could use it, even though I didn't need it. Sometimes I don't know the difference between playing and fighting. But yeah, I can be a mean little bastard if I want to be. I've even punched a puppy before. No, seriously. Rawwwrr.