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animal Names: bulky

Bulky is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello everyone. My name is Bulky and I'm an adopted dog. One day, I was minding my own business with the other puppies at the adoption center (SOS Dogs), when this girl and some guy came to visit us. Well, I thought it would be the usual visit I got from time to time. I wasn't very friendly with them and when she took me in her arms, I got scared. I didn't know what was gonna happen ... Then, she and the caretaker started babbling about dunno what, and suddenly I realized I'm just leaving the cage ... Oh my!! Where are they going to take me? What's gonna happen to me? I was really worried as I clung to her sweater. The guy she was with, didn't really gave me much attention, but she was like all kissing me and hugging me. I guess I just wasn't used to that kind of treatment. You see, that adoption center is the only one in my city and they have hundreds of dogs there and very few employees. Actually, some guys from the UK, opened this center here and they come from time to time to visit.

So, as I was saying ... I was clinging scared to her sweater, not knowing what my life will be from then on. Then, she got me in some sort of fast ... thingy, that took us from one place to another (she then taught me that was a car, but I still don't really watch out for those). On the way to the new place I had to pee, so I did it right there while she was holding me in her arms. She was very patient, but later after peeing on some other humans, I found out that was something that they don't really like. We entered a courtyard where she put me down. Now I really panicked! What, was she gonna leave me there? Why? I wanted to go back to my buddies at the center. She took a few steps and then babbled something again with a strange look on her face ... it was like her mouth got bigger (later learned that was a smile or a laugh). I didn't know what she wanted from me, so I just laid down on the ground. She kept making those noises (later learning she was calling me), but I didn't move. I was too confused... Then she came to me, held me again and took me inside some sort of cage, but a really big one. The new cage was huge and warm and I got my own bed. Imagine that! I didn't have to crowd with all the other puppies, though that was kinda nice.

The first days I was still kinda confused and scared and peed all over the place. When she saw that, she always used to take me outside and stay there with me for a little while. I didn't understand why but then she tried to explain to me that I have to poop and pee outside the house. I didn't understand why do I have to go outside and how? It's not like I got hands to open the doors. And why should I go out when she did all those things inside the house? (OK, that was kinda gross, but true, isn't it? :))

I started thinking how could I make her realize that I wanna go outside, so at the beginning I was running from her to the door and back until she went out with me. Of course there were many times when I just didn't want go out, most of when it was raining or ... I just didn't feel like it. She used get very angry then and that was kinda strange and unfair. Now, I'm almost 2 years old, but still can't help myself to pee when she comes home. I just have to ... sprinkle a little. After all, that is my house (yeah ... I kinda own the place now and her, too). She really thought she can be my master, but as it turned out she loves me too much to boss me around (evil grin). It's not that I don't love her, but ... it's so good when she does everything that I desire.

I was 3 months old when I first saw her and peed on her. I still pee myself when I see her, but now I do it because I'm happy that she's finally home and we're gonna do all kinds of fun stuff together.