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animal Names: bun+buns

Bun+buns is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Bun+buns? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Bun Buns

I'm chunky furry baby that LOVES cuddle sessions and good treat from time to time.

NICKNAMES (honestly too many to name):

BUNS (singing method...really need to carry out the "uns")

My favorites:

<3 a good ol' bowl of TIMOTHY HAY....mmm its just the best.
<3 apples and grapes are literally my favorite treats....i get food seizures they're so good!
<3 OMG bananas!!!! YUM YUM!
<3 cuddle sessions with my mamaaaa
<3 a good massage on the head and the ears...its tantalizing.

I has a cage that i eat, drink, sleep and so on in. I do get out and be outside and play with my best friend known as nature. We get along great. I take naps almost all the time of the day and just lounge but eating and playing are essential in my daily tasks of living. Its just what I do. When Im relaxing at home with my mom I typically like to listen to music. Basically anything my mom plays, i likes. I seem to react well to classical so i guess thats my FAVORITE. I grew up in DALLAS, TEXAS, and lived with my good ol brother, kittles the black kitty. Hes a girl but hes a boy. Anyways, we had many cuddle sessions and lunch dates, we get a long perfectly. I miss him.....

I love to chew, dig, scratch, sleep, eat, POOP, and oh yeah cudddddleeeeeee. When I cuddle with my mom sometimes my face is squeezed together and i get a big smooch on the face, you'd think I'd hate it but I love it. I just grind my little teeth, it means I has happy. I like my privacy at times where its quiet and dark, need to collect my thoughts. I have OCD of bathing and cleaning myself, its just what has to be done. I need a fluffy clean white coat at ALL TIMES!! :)

Some great stories:

Apparently my mom didn't know If i was boy or a girl. She assumed i was a boy and so one time her lady friend had another bunny and they had thought it was a girl. Actually turns out, it was the other way around. AND guess who got their head humped? ME! What happened to just a polite sniff or hello. yeesh. Luckily we were both fixed, but you just never know these days.

HILARIOUS STORY but not really. So my mom has a macbook pro and well you know how they have chargers. Yeah well I uh, uh chewed it and I've went through four of them. She had to pay for them and some were free but umm...she wasn't happy. i still think they are tree roots!! Ive also done a lot of trouble, but why spoil everything?!!! Just love me!