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animal Names: byron

Byron is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Bryon is an empathetic individual, he never leaves us alone when we are sad or sick. He has mastered the art of comforting us and has gone without eating when one of us has been very ill just to stay by our side and keep his little nose touching our hand. He is also scary smart, he communicates with us on a level that some of our human friends don't. He understands full sentences that don't have reference words in them that he has been trained to understand. He is so important in the scheme of our lives, I don't know that we would have made it through some of our life experiences as well without him. He is our child, and subsequently is spoiled rotten, but that hasn't ruined his desire to obey our commands or requests. We are lucky to have found such a dear, sweet and intelligent dog. We rescued him when he was a puppy, weaned too young and stricken with Parvo, pneumonia and bordetella, we thought he was a goner. But after 4 months of in and out hospital visits in an oxygen crate with IV anti-biotics and feeding him baby food and giving him water out of a water dropper, he survived! He's a miracle to us and we dread the day we lose him. It's a cruel joke the gods played when making our domestic animals live shorter lives than us. We lost our other Schipperke, Shandy, also an amazing pup, to cancer this year, and it was like losing a best friend. His life was cut short by quite a bit as he died at 13 and Schipperkes are one of the longest living breeds. He was also a rescue. Byron has gotten quite lonely now that he doesn't have his bro to play with, but we do the best we can to keep him happy. He is recovering from the loss of Shandy, but when he hears the name he gets despondent for a bit. It breaks our hearts. He better live a long life, that's all I have to say, because we will be lost without him.

American Pit Bull Terrier