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animal Names: calie

Calie is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Calie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Calie is my oldest kitty. We got her from my step-daughter when Calie was a small kitten of 5 weeks of age. The mother cat was too ill to nurse Calie so I bottle fed her for about one week. She has a slight balance problem but this does not affect her life to any degree. Calie is my oldest kitty, 5 years,2 months + and would prefer to be an only cat. She gets along fairly good with Tuffy as he came to live with us a few months after Calie arrived. Calie tends to be a bit aggressive, even with me, and does not like other humans or the other cats. My newest kitty, Breezy, who is a small Tortie (only 6 lbs) really surprised Calie when Breezy stood her ground. Now Calie really respects Breezy and leaves her alone. Calie is quite a bit bigger than little Breezy but Breezy is very quick, so Calie has learned not to tangle with little Breezy. Calie still likes to think she is the boss and tends to be very jealous of the other cats. She is often naughty and is always trying to get attention. She likes to attack peoples' feet and has done this since a small kitten. She is definitely my naughtiest kitty.


Loves to go outside and hang with people and play with my sister Goldie and Cuz Mocha