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animal Names: callie+ann

Callie+ann is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Callie Ann
Miniature Dachshund

I am a tiny little dachshund. So cute and so sweet... I crave lots of attention and do NOT like to share my human parents with the other dogs in the house! I still live with my doggie parents and one of my brothers. My human parents just couldnt give me up!! I just had my first litter of puppies. I probably wont have anymore babies but I do love these very much.

Well, my puppies are all gone to their new homes now. I am back in good shape and running around playing again. Mom misses my pups though! She made me get fixed so for sure no more puppies. Awwww well, babies were very hard on my health and it really worried my Mom.

I have gotten kind of lazy since I got fixed!! Ohhh no, I hope my hips dont get too wide!