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animal Names: candy+matson

Candy+matson is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Candy Matson

Candy is my/our first ferret, and we got her under most unusual
circumstances... truly, fate meant for her to be ours.

Animal lovers that we are, my husband and I love to stop at pet stores
when we are out running errands. There is a Pet Pros (independent so
far as i can tell, not part of a chain) right next to the water
vending machine we frequent. About a month or so ago, we stopped in
one Saturday to play with the puppies and pet the bunnies. There was
a large, open pen full of young ferrets there that day, and we just
had to spend some time with the adorable little things.

"Brave" and used to being bitten as I am, I just stuck my arms down
into the pen and wiggled my fingers. What a mistake *that* was! I
was instantly attacked by just about every ferret in that pen.
Biting, clawing, chewing, jumping... horrible beasts, nearly every
one. Except for the smallest ferret which quietly climbed up my arm
while I was trying to disengage the four that were drawing blood from
my knuckles. When this little one reached my shoulder, she just
turned around and draped herself across my neck and started to lick my

This went on for several minutes, then my husband (who had been
playing with puppies) came to my rescue... he took the sleeping one
off my shoulder and left me to deal with the biters on my own. LOL

Once Bill had her, she did pretty much the same thing she had done
with me; climbed up to his shoulder and started giving him kisses.
We were hooked... and heartbroken. Even on *sale* for *only* 99
bucks, we couldn't afford a ferret - not even a doll like this one.
We lingered and lingered, telling each other how much we couldn't
afford another pet, certainly couldn't afford a 99 dollar pet, didn't
have room for another pet, etc. Finally, we agreed to try memorizing
her face and to go home and think about it more rationally. Leaving
the store without her was one of the hardest things I'd ever done.

Back home and away from the influence of her little eyes and little
kisses, we agreed that it couldn't be done and that was that.

Or so we thought.

The next day, mother-in-law and I went shopping for microwave ovens.
We didn't find any, but we did end up in the same shopping center as
the pet store. I told her all about our encounter the day before, and
she wanted to see the little darling. Who was I to say no?

When we got to the store and I looked into the pen, I realized how
much alike so many of them looked and thought I wouldn't be able to
pick out the darling that had captured my heart. But she picked me
out, right away.

So there we are, mother-in-law and I, cooing and awwwing over the
little girl, when in comes a young couple who want to buy "several"
ferrets. They stood at the pen with us and started picking and
choosing - this one bites too hard, this one looks a bit sickly, and
so on. I clung to "my" ferret and found myself torn... If I couldn't
have her, I at least wanted to know she had a good home and this young
couple sure seemed to know their ferret stuff.

As they started talking "volume" discounts with the clerk, we all
learned that the ferrets got exponentially cheaper the more you
bought. 1 ferret for 99, 2 ferrets for 49 each, 3rd ferret for only
29 bucks, 4th for 12.99, until they were down to 7 and 8 at only 6.99

I whispered to mother-in-law, "You don't suppose they'd buy her for
us, do you?" Well, she went right over to the couple and asked them
flat out. They both agreed instantly and happily. I handed the
little one over and then waited nervously for the hand-off in the
parking lot. ( i gave them 15 bucks for their trouble, which they
tried to give back )

And there we were, driving home with no microwave and a new ferret.
We had *no* idea how to house a ferret, what to feed a ferret,
nothing. We were entirely clueless. Thank ghod for the internet.
Within a few hours I was ready to give a lecture on ferrets.