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animal Names: caramel

Caramel is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Caramel? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I did a little searching and found an old video of her... which is sorta long and dumb but it was old...

I will post pics of 2 of the 12 (yes TWELVE! We started out with 2) Guinea Pigs that were before me, Flour and Brownie.
When I was alive, I would tip over and move my little wooden house and bowl. SOmetimes my friend would take me outside of the cage and place me on her bed when she was reading (lost the privileges when i used the bed as a bathroom.... oops). I loved banana chip treats, one day the oldest guinea pig died and i had to be moved downstairs. It was good for me, it was calm and sometimes my friend would come downstairs, and sometimes i would atttack people with my claws (heehee.) But I would never bite really,
I really dont mind cuteness points, my birthyear, month, and day is unknown i was born somewhere in 2007 and maybe the latest 2006, hating to admit I passed the day before Easter, on a Saturday, 2009. I am now hopping around the rainbow bridge. I dont really want to be challenged. I just wanted to share some photos. She will be missed.

I loved to eat hay and used to knock over my food bowl and knock over and/or move my little house. I am a dwarf rabbit. I was bought for Easter. I was a VERY mean rabbit and if some one stuck their hand in my cage.... ATTTTACKKKKK!!!! But i used to be nice, and i picked up alot. Snickers was my one of my bestest friends, after i passed he used to look for me... I bet he was very sad. Petie wasnt born yet and Murphy really didnt care

Once i got a cage so big Snickers could fit in it! But 2 problems
- It had to go on the floor; it was to big, and the floor was small.
- I got cut on it, not bad though
Luckily, we returned it and i got my old cage.... i bet that cage should've been carpeted!]

When i was young i was read to, and objects were explained to me, like what they were called and what did or what they for used for.