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animal Names: carleigh

Carleigh is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Boston Terrier

My heart on 4 legs! Carleigh is a 13-year-old boston Terrier. She has been blind since she was 6 yrs. old due to complications of cataract surgery on both eyes. She had to have both eyes removed in separate surgeries within 5 months of the cataract surgery. But, nothing could dampen her little spirit. She gets along great! Even going up and down stairs. She's old and takes thyroid pills and pills for arthritis, but who of us don't or won't?! She's smart, loving and the light of my life. She is my heart!!

Shih Tzu

I can be a very good girl when I want to be. But I definatly can act like the spoiled little princess that I am!