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animal Names: charlie+kramer

Charlie+kramer is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Charlie+kramer? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Charlie Kramer

Hi! My name is Charlie and my mommy and daddy love me very much. I was adopted from a Petland in Atlanta, GA when someone brought me back saying that they didn't want me and didn't even want to say goodbye, I didn't understand why, I never did anything wrong to deserve such a fate. But still, I sat and sat in my cage waiting for someone to take me home, but day after day I seen everyone rush to the babies in the cage next to me. Finally, one day, a girl named Andrea and a boy named Derek came into the store and found me, picked me up and held me, I felt like I meant something again, but I didn't have much hope that they would take me home, after all, I've been in there for so long, and no one showed much interest. I saw them ring me up at the register, and boy did I get excited! I live with my mommy and daddy now in my forever home with four others like me, I'm very thankful for all the love that they showed me and still show me, and I love it here. Thank you, mommy and daddy, for giving me a chance, I Love You.