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animal Names: charly

Charly is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Charly was first thought to be a male but my parents took her to the vet to have her sexed and found out "he" was a "she". The original name was "Charlie" but was changed to "Charly". Nanday Conures are one of the loudest birds for a pet so anyone who wants a not-so-noisy bird don't get a conure. Charly definetly lives up to her breed !!


Charly is a very handsome cat, he's cute and very sweet. He has a sisther Missy they are always together and Charly is crazy about her! Charly likes it very much when there a people around him. When its sleeping time Charly comes over and goes in the bed. He wants to cutteling all night! He also likes to do crazy things, he opend the kitchenclosets and then he goes sitting there. 1 time Charly jumped from the balkonie, he was very young at the time so we where very scared. But Charly was doing fine! Charly is a lovely, crazy, sweet, beautiful cat, and I can't imagine a life without him!!


Charly love his wife lucy and playing with his three kids and driving arond in the truck. His favorit toy is what ever the other dogs have at the time and he loves everyone alot and he is not fond of showers.