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animal Names: charm

Charm is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Hello my name is Charm and i have an amazing life but it wasn't always that way.I used to live at a stable a long time ago where there were so many horses i was forgotten until my owner Mrs.Paula adopted me and some of her riders nursed me back to health such as my rider now, Emma. we have been to many shows together and we won a lot until that day. It was feeding time and there is a truck that carries the hay into the field and i wanted some but when i was going out i got a huge cut on my hindquarters and could't be ridden for 4 months> Now i'm healed and my rider Emma is so happy.

Great Dane

I am a Great Dane mix. Im 4 Years old. I love to run and play, Im very pretty and love attention (: Im very shy. i was rescuded 3 years ago. Im still getting over what happened to me 3 years ago by my first owner... Im a big cutie tho im a great dane mixed with german shepherd, akita, and lab.