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animal Names: cheeter

Cheeter is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Great Dane

Cheeter was born on the 4th of July & found her furever home at 13 weeks of age. Her human Daddy needed a walking pal to help him because of his heart condition. Cheeter & her Daddy were best buddies for 2 years. Since October 2008 Cheeter has been greiving and started to "shut down" because she missed her Daddy so much. On May 7th Cheeter got a new little sister to keep her company and put the spark back into her life. Her sweet little sister Dixie is a 74 lb. 5 month old brindle Great Dane. Cheeter has a new purpose in her life now. She is teaching Dixie house manners and that "puddles & ploppers" are meant to be done outside. She is also teaching Dixie not to bark when she hears her CuteAsHell neighbors Hobo, Boo Boo and Poohie. Dixie won't sit still for a picture yet (those darn built-in springs in her legs just won't stop bouncing)