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animal Names: chellvis

Chellvis is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Mediumhair

My brother little joe and I where adopted when we where kittens. People think i have a cool name and i do. Mom had a cat named chello she called chells. Which at first chello thought her name was Hello. When mom would come home she always say hellooooo and chells would come. Then when ever she'd say hello chello thought she was calling her. So mom put a C infront of the H to make her Chello. Mom found chello almost dead and beaten so badly the vets where going to put her to sleep.Mom said NO. Chello recovered from her beating but she had tunnel vision and was also born with FLV. She lived a life of love for 8 years. Mom still cries and that was 7yrs ago. She also had a cat named Elvis which she says really is the one who saved chells. At the age of 16 his kidneys failed that was 3yrs ago.. They both are loved so much and very much missed. So when you put chells and elvis together you get chellvis. And I know I am very much loved too. And i have an awesome name.