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animal Names: chessa

Chessa is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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American Shorthair

Chessa is a very spunky cat. Her favorite thing to do is see how many different ways she can get in trouble each day. When Chessa was 2 weeks old she was an outside cat, I got her from a good friend of mine. Anyways, when Chessa was 2 weeks she lived in a shed with 5 litter-mates, one day my friend noticed that Chessa and Chessa's mom where on the deck instead of in the shed. When my friend went in the shed to look for the other kittens, she found a raccoon and a puddle of blood. Chessa was the only one that was saved, her tail is severely broken in three places. Despite all of this, Chessa is the most upbeat, spunky cat I have ever met.