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animal Names: chibi

Chibi is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Chibi? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Chibi is a loveable chihuahua mix. She is needy and loves to be held and kissed all the time. She was given to me by a lady who did not want her. She is my friend and constant companion.

Mini Rex

I was a rescue rabbit from a humane society in PA that gets in many rabbits but don't adopt many out as the interest level in rabbit adoptions just doesn't seem to be there. In the shelter was not a good time for me. I had two sisters and a brother and my brother bit me and caused me to need to get stitches put in my nose. The vets there did a good job fixing it though you can't tell it ever happened. Being adopted was a good day for me. I got to be adopted with my sister who can be very pushy at times but I love her. The first thing I wanted to do at my new home was explore. I met Taco and immediately took an interest in him. I am still trying to be friends with him and I will get him to like me. I am a friendly bunny and I like to be cuddled but even so I can't stay still for very long. I like to groom my sister, my owner, and pillows. I have tried to groom Taco but he won't let me. I am very motivated by food and have learned to sit on command. I will do anything for a treat. Currently my owner is working on a few books that I am part of. In one called Chibi & Kojikaki: The Search For a Home I get to be myself and see how my life could have been if I had been dumped rather than being surrendered to a shelter. In another, a comic book, I am Harmony, who is based off my personality and the comic book is called Spider & Jackal. The comic book is really about the lives and relationship of Jackal (Taco) and Spider (A dog I used to live with who died in October 2011). My sister and I come into the picture near the end but we have several chapters that really focus on us. My owner is also working on a book called My Pets and Their Lives which will tell the stories about every pet she has ever owned. I am also going to be in a book called: My Pets and Their Lives which is about every pet my owner has ever owned. The website for my owner's books,, and her facebook page, A&M Moonlight Creations, will be up soon. I will let you know when this happens.

Domestic Longhair

We rescued Chibi from the local SICSA in December (actually she was my Christmas present since I lost the other love of my life, Nipper, in October and was heartbroken). People thought she was a little snot (Chibi that is), but I think the restricted living environment was just taking its toll on her spirit. She's a rascal and a sweetheart and a little furry personal assistant. She has to be present at the computer or when I'm sewing or knitting. How did I ever manage with out her?