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animal Names: chille

Chille is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Chile use to be super skinny when we saw him with his other owners. He would have to eat the same food until it was done and he had to sleep outside. He hated it. One day his daddy came home with him and showed mommy and rockey and his sister. Now he fat and is super happy. He won't even o outside during the winter without a jacket. He thinks he's the king of the house haha.

Leopard Gecko

My little leo buddy Chille!! He was found by a customer of mine the last week in November that I worked at my old pet store, Zamzow's. He was a tiny little baby that was skinny and had lost his tail to a kitty. The woman left him with us, and I adopted him and took him home. And look at him now!! His tail has grown back, and he sits at about 40 grams! He's such a handsome and sweet guy. I love him a lot!!