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animal Names: chloe+ann

Chloe+ann is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Chloe Ann
Jack Russell Terrier

Hello my name is Chloe Ann. I live with my mommy, daddy and new baby brother Mylo in Glenolden Pennsylvania. I love to play a game I made up called Blanket Monster. That is where my mommy and daddy hide under the covers and I try to get in and give them kisses. On the weekends I go and visit my best buddy's Aunt Rockney the German Shepard and Baby the bunny who likes to chase my tail. One of my other most favorite things to do is lay in the sun with Mylo. I could do that all day long. My mommy is so good to me. She always dresses me every day. Especially in the winter when it is cold outside. My favorite treats are Pupperoni’s and ChewEz. And finally I love to go on long walks with my family. Thank you for reading all about me and dont forget to look at my little brother Mylo's page.