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animal Names: chomper

Chomper is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Likes: tortilla chips, post modernism, photography, anthropology, giving five, rolling over for treats, bitches...

Dislikes: taking baths, being home alone, cats, raccoons, hot cheetos...


HI im Chomper! I am a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. I love to crawl around and explore! I hate loud noises they scare me. I love spinning on my wheel and i absolutely love crawling all over my owner! I love eating my food! If u wanna follow me on twitter ----

About The Photos!! : In pictures 1-4 is of just me with my owner holding me and in pictures 5-7 are my owner holding me and just being plain awesome. In the last photo which is photo # 8 was the first picture of me taken and my owner is holding me as you can see a part of her shirt hair and her arm!!!

Jackson & Me: When i first moved into the house with my owner Jackson hated me. I swear he wanted to kill me. I have proof he kncoked down my cage more then once and woke my owner in the middle of the night so she could make sure i didn't die of a heart attack and clean up my cage. Later i realized that he was only doing that because he was araid that i was going to take all the attention and love away and i would suck it all in. The truth is our owner loves us just the same!! And you know what? I am happy with being loved just as much as a cat that has attemted, i swear, kill me before. But, if you look deep down into my owner i know she loves me just a pinch of salt more then she loves Jackson!!


Chomper is a great boy! He doesn't realize how large he is, but he loves everyone and is the most loyal companion anyone could ever ask for!

Labrador Retriever

Chomper disappeared from our yard on 10-13-09. We have searched everywhere and miss him dearly. Our hope is that someone has taken him in without realizing he was missing from his home. We would still love to see his wagging tail and smiling face run up our driveway, but realize the chances are slim. Thank you all so much for your concern, comments, and prayers. It really means a lot to us.

Our house was just too quiet without our puppy, so we have added a new addition to the family. Go check out Riley's page to see our new baby. We really wish he could have met his big brother Chomper. We're sure they would have had lots of fun together.

My name is Chomper. I was named after the baby T-Rex in Land Before Time. Little did they know what a perfect name it would be for me. My favorite thing to do is chomp on EVERYTHING! Hands, feet, slippers, computer cords, couch cushions, carpet... if I'm not supposed to chew it, you can bet I like to. It's a darn good thing I'm cute and my mom loves me anyway.

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Go show some love to my brother Boomer, my uncles Chaz and Sebastian and my kitty cousin Callie, and my new baby brother Riley!