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animal Names: cinni

Cinni is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Cinni? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I was born in the wild. my mom once was able to catch me but I was too fast and got away from her. then my fur mom thought I should stay while she took my sibblings down the row to another house. So my mom fed me for a month before they borrowed a safe trap to catch me in. Then I stayed inside for a long time... I didn't know how to play or even purr. Well I would purr when my brother Tuxi snuggled with me, but not for mom and dad. I did finally purr for them almost a year and a half later. Now you can't stop me! I have always been a bit jumpy, I blame living in the wild. But mom and dad noticed I was getting scared too easily and bumbing into things. They took me to the vet and I found out that I have a rare degenerative eye disease and am going blind. Only Abyssinian cats can get this usually, and there is no cure. I get along alright, my mom and dad make sure my surroundings don't change a lot and they talk to me and always come when I call them. I have different meows for what I want and they are learning them. My little sister Piper was missing her fur mom when she came to live with us, so i let her pretend that I was mom. It gave us a special bond I think.

Saddly Cinni passed away in April of 2014. The last could years of his life had been hard on him, He was missing for 5 weeks, presumed dead, when showed up in the yard at a mere 5 pounds. He recovered from nearly starving to death and regained lost weight, but the ordeal did a number on his heart and he passed nearly 2 years later, where he joined my husband, his dog sister Quarky and his cat sister Piper.

Diluted Calico

Cinni was found by one of my friends in a ditch somewhere nearby. I took her from them when she was only about 1 week old and planned to bottle feed her only until she was old enough to be put up for adoption at an animal shelter. As luck would have it, everyone here fell in love with her way before she was old enough to leave us, and she has been a wonderful and adorable addition to our household ever since. I have to admit, I do get obsessed with taking her picture sometimes! She is one of those cats with major attitude, she loves everyone in our family, but hates strangers, and I mean hates. She can be sweet as pie and is most of the time, but will definitely let you know when she's not happy. We had her spayed when she was about 8 months old, and ever since then she has become attached to certain toys, even old collars sometimes, and she will carry them around in her mouth like a baby, and even sometimes cries for them. When she sits down with them, she even likes to bathe them. I have also noticed that if you imitate her cry, she will continue to cry back until she realizes it was you. Other than that, she is your normal cat with lots of attitude, spunk, and love!