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animal Names: claire

Claire is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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my mommy adopted me! i was a stray cat before and i had two litters of kittens before i met my mommy. Now i have a great home and i adore playing with shadow outside! talk to you all later! MEOW!

Turkish Angora

claire came into my life close to a year after evie did. i saved her from an abusive home and nurtured her back to health. it took a good two to three months to get her 100% healthy and another three to gain her trust, companionship, and bond... i find my relationship with claire very unique. i literly had to let her choose to become my friend, i began to sleep on my couch, (reason being because she was so untrusting and timid that she would not move except to eat and use her litterbox) with evie close and little by little she would snuggle alittle closer to us when i would wake. eventually i would wake up to claire sleeping between my chin and neck while evie would be on the oppsite side. once claire realized and became comfortable knowing she was home for good and well taken care of, she goes in every room i go in and doesn't leave my side. these two cats are about one yr apart and i enjoy coming home to my kiddos waiting for me to come home at the end of each one of my days.


My name is Claire but my mommy calls me Care bear. I am a very loving puppy and love attention. I am about 8 pounds& 7 months old. I came from the next little after my sissy coco. I always manage to sneak around and get into things I am not suppose to, but hey I am a very curious pup and when I smell food the hunt is on. I love baths! I love to chew on things, but mainly bones and my rope toys. My sister and I play all the time, but never fails we fight over anything and everything. I love aggravating her though.
I love to chase butterfly's when I see them and I love to play tag with my friend wiggles and of course I always win at everything. I am very active and honestly if you met me and my sister you would swear we are not related but we are. I look like a mini border collie and I am fast like one to! If you wanna get to know me I'll be happy to let you know anything. :)