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animal Names: clarence

Clarence is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Domestic Mediumhair

My name is Clarence. I was found 10 years ago on Christmas Eve and was given the name Clarence (like the angel in the movie It's a Wonderful Life). It turns out I'm a girl with a boy's name. Oh well. The name suits me just fine.

I am well known all over my neighborhood. More people around town know my name than know my guardians' names. I love being outside and roaming on the tops of neighbor's homes. I'm not afraid of any dog, which sometimes gets me into trouble. But I'm fast and can climb any tree.

I once made it all the way to a home across the canals several blocks away. A family with two little girls found me and called my guardians. When my guardian picked up the phone the guy who found me said, "Do you know Clarence?" and my guardians just laughed and said, "Yes, we'll come get her. What's your address?"

I can often be found lounging on the top of a tree, sleeping on neighbors' beds (when they leave their window open) or snoozing in the backyard under a bush. My guardians want to keep me inside, but NO WAY! I'm an outdoors cat and I only come in for food!

I'm glad to be a part of the community. But I'm not an ordinary cat. In fact, I'd prefer to be categorized as a dog. I go for walks with my guardian around the block. People stop and say, "Are you walking your cat?" And he laughs and says, "Yup!"