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animal Names: clydo

Clydo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Clydo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I was found on the street as a kitten and taken in by a non-profit cat rescue group for about a year. I was adopted with my calico sister Bonnie but was returned because I was too much of a trouble maker (I stole pens, chewed things and peed in other places), I was then fostered by another person and met a good buddy named Popeye. I roughed housed with him and played with him a lot! We were living with a lot of other cats too but when Popeye was fostered by another person I never found a new favorite buddy. I annoyed my foster mom for months because I was so active and bored.
I got adopted in March 2007 by a girl who fell in love with my personality, she went to see me one day at the petstore adoption showing after waiting for weeks and adopted me on the spot the second she saw me (apparently she checked everyday for me on the site to see if I was still available). I arrived in my new home a few days later with my buddy Popeye! I was scared and stressed at first but warmed up after a few days. I was still a trouble maker and stayed that way for a few years. I finally grew out of it recently and I'm now enjoying my new hobbies! =^.^=