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animal Names: coal

Coal is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Marbled Tabby

Labrador Retriever
Domestic Shorthair

Coal came into my home with his sister Tazbo. They came from Front Royal Va from my Best friend Eddie.

When these 2 cats came to me I set up the bathroom to hold them untill everyone got used to each other. I had everything for them....That was good untill Coal went missing.. (To make a long Very Long Story Short)... Coal got into a very small hole in the bottom of the Vanity in the bathroom for 3 days. I finally got him out threw a hole I broke into the bottom of Vanity..

He has turned into a Very Large Boy. I'm so glad he's here with me. He's a real Sweetheart. He hangs with me everynight while I'm watching the national news and will let me rub him forever.

As time has gone on I have noticed a change in him... Unless I rub him everyday he seems to take it personal that I don"t . If a day or 2 goes buy than he starts his creepycrawler act with me. You know ,,low on the leggs, close to the floor with the body Creeepin Crawlin,,,Just one good rube and he's back and lovin it,,,Good Boy,, He is a real good cat. He just needs all the rubing and Lovin that anyone could give to a cat
He's a real good cat,,,He's a puuuurrrfffect
Real Good,, Thanks Eddie,,,

On July 22 2009,,,My Big o'le Boy just keeps getting bigger and bigger. he will top out soon,,, I think.. We got a new bed and Coal loves it. When I try to go to sleep, he gets in behind my knee real tight and pins me so I can't move without moving him. I don't want to wake these cats up around 3:00 am cause they raise hell for the folks downstairs. So I have to be easy with them to keep them calm. You would really have to see this place to understand, Love,, Steve

Coal just keeping on with his great self....He's a really really good boy, I am so glad this cat is with me. And he loves me too, Steve,,,, Like they say,,, "If you want a friend in Washington D.C. Get a cat