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animal Names: codie+girl

Codie+girl is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Codie Girl

Codie Girl is a black/tan coonhound and husky mix. I got her when she was 2 months old while visiting in Springfield, Mo. This couple were standing on Walmart parking lot with a sign that said "Free Puppies". I had just lost my 17+ year old dog Poison that I grew up with two months prior. I vowed that I would never get another dog. But when I saw this shy puppy sitting scared in the back of the cage I just wanted to take her home and keep her safe. Codie Girl is a very smart dog, well I 'm sure everyone thinks that about their dog. But she is. She love doing tricks for treats, very obedient, love fetch, chasing lazer light, and she does fun agility. Codie Girl loves to go swimming, but hates the rain. My dog favorite toy is a rock. She love pushing rocks around with her nose. At 2 months old she started off with a landscape edger and now she uses her paws and roll large heavy rock around. Its crazy to see. Codie Girl is very independent and loves her space, but sometime she think she is a 70lb lap dog.