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animal Names: colby

Colby is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Australian Cattle

Colby is chihuahua, terrier, queensland, and boxer. She is the sweetest little girl ever.

I am the 4th puppy my mommy and daddy adopted in a year! My parents have human kids that grew up, and another dog that had to be put down due to cancer. So my mom and dad adopted 2 puppies (my brothers Cooper and Charlie) because they were lonely. As they became more aware of rescue dogs, they wanted to do more. They adopted my sister Lexi about 6 months later. Lexi is alot smaller than the boys, so my mom and dad decided to get her a little sister....THAT'S ME!
People think my mom and dad are crazy to have so many dogs, but we are so loved and so spoiled!


We got Colby from a NJ rescue facility when he was about 2 mths old. He is our first rescue dog. We previously had a black lab for almost 12 years (his last 14 mths spent with us he was receiving insulin injections 2x/day). He is missed very dearly.

Colby has brought alot of joy back to us. He's glad that we picked him to come home with us. He's a good boy and loves to play.


Colby is not only cute and smart. He also has a great personality. The only thing he lacks is a PHD but we're working on that.