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animal Names: cotton

Cotton is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Breed: Dalmatian Mix
Age: Under a year
Gender: Female

A beautiful young female with a gorgeous coat that looks and feels like cotton. Playful and may also be docile at times. Good with older children, other dogs and currently lives in a foster home with cats. Cotton would thrilled to live in a home with a nice fenced in yard where she could get daily exercise, plenty of toys to keep her entertained and occupied when alone. Regular socialization would be recommended to promote a stable temperament. In the right hands Cotton would be capable of learning and doing anything. Owners would need to understand the necessity of leadership.

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Cotton was born in a trash dumpster and her and mom and siblings were rescued and placed in different homes. She was adopted by the owner of the place where I worked at the time. She took to me and ignored everyone else. The owner decided one day that she was more of a "problem" than anything else and was just ugly towards her. So I didn't even ask if I could have her, loaded her up in my car, didn't even have a carrier and she rode home on my headrest!!!!!!! That was 6 years ago and she brings me love and joy every second!!!!!


Birthday: July 5, 2007

I took Priss, Stripe and Tips in for their yearly shots. As I was waiting to check out, a lady in front of me was asking how the kitten was she brought in and if anyone had called to adopt it. Sight unseen I said I would adopt it if no one had. Much to my surprise, it was a beautiful solid white semi long hair kitten. The lady had found her in her culvert under her driveway in the middle of nowhere. She was dirty and full of fleas. She got cleaned up some and now has a loving home. She is one of those super sweet cats, you just know she knows what love is :) She meowed for the first week but then stopped. Once in awhile she'll meow but it's rare. Lots of purrs, leg weaving.

Cotton also likes lip licking after I brush my teeth or chew cool mint gum or starlight mints.

2/5/08 Cotton was spayed and not a happy camper :P

12/21/11 I've been training Cotton to jump into my arms from the ground. Well, she does it... almost :P I have to con her into it too. Maybe one day she'll do it regularly... and when I'm looking :P

My nickname is The Rotten Cotton Kitten Pie! :P