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animal Names: cotton+(probably)

Cotton+(probably) is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Cotton (Probably)

Hello everyone! I am a russian white hamster who just joined the household already occupied by two cats (Sam and Dean), two pigs (Crowley and Timothy) and some pets who have not yet joined Cuteness including Small the Fish and Scooter the roboroski dwarf hamster. A leopard gecko named Draco has also joined alongside me to this household. I am a Christmas present to Mommy, while Draco was a present to Mommys friend who lives with her :) (This is why Draco may not have a profile as his Mommy may not want to). As you probably know, I definitely was not born on the day Mommy got me but since we do not know my true date of birth we wrote what we know-when I joined the family :) If you must know, I still am a baby and am easily frightened by loud noises. Since I am still shy I do not have a picture yet but expect it soon :) Also, since I just met Mommy today we are still not sure of my name, but Mommy says I am a cotton kind of guy so we are thinking that must be my name! Expect more later! Goodbye from the man with the soft fur and little whiskers :)
P.S. Mommy is also thinking of naming me Willow, Whiskers, or Peanut. Once I get a pic up it would be awesome if you could help decide!