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animal Names: crystal

Crystal is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I am a very shy Albino female. My mommy got me so that my sister Lieta would have a playmate. I was very scared of my mommy when she got me but when she introduced me to my sister I was so happy! Lieta was very interested in me at first but was also scared of me cause she hadn't seen another rat since she was very little.My favorite pass time is to steal my sisters food, I distract her while shes eating then when she looks away i grab her food and run away. I love grooming and making dens and being rubbed between my eyes. I hate having my tail touched because when I was little my daddy picked me up and I got scared and tried to jump on the floor and when he caught me he accidentally grabbed my tail. Now I have a stubby tail and no one, not even Lieta is allowed to touch it.

I'm not sure what my cat's breed
Domestic Mediumhair

I was about 4 month old and ended up out in the cold snow of Nebraska during the winter when I found my mom. She was only going to keep me for a night so I didn't freeze, and that was 13 years ago. I am now a happy girl with her and grumpy ol' sour puss with all the other animals she insists on bringing into the home. I'm still the most cuddly cat ever.


Crystal rules the roost down here. He is no joke and often shows his strength and agility by attacking balls.If the dogs or goat come too close to his pen they better expect a swift strike from a talon.