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animal Names: daisy+mae

Daisy+mae is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Daisy Mae
American Bulldog

Daisy Mae is the sweetest, cuddliest, goofy girl you could ever hope to meet. She is an oversize lapdog that loves to be treated like a baby, but if she senses danger she is my protector (or she likes to think she is). Daisy has been campaigning in a contest on another site and she is really trying hard but hasn't gotten to the top yet. Oh, Daisy loves ice cubes, she is just as happy to get an ice cube as a doggy cookie!

Daisy Mae
American Shorthair

Hi! I'm the Queen of this house. I'm old and set in my ways. I don't put up with shenanigans from the boys! I love my human & she loves us all!
Read my story & visit my roommates Bear, and Ambrose too.

HERE IS MY STORY: I was born in Augusta, Ga. I used to be a trash can kitty. I was found by the Humane Society when I was just small and taken to a shelter. That is where my human (Miss Robin) found me. She adopted me in May of '98 and the vet said I was about 4 or 5 months old - so we celebrate my birthday on the 7th of January. My rescue anniversary is celebrated the 7th of May.

When I came to live with Miss Robin she showed me much love and patience, but still I was very afraid of letting people touch me or hold me. After living with Miss Robin for 3 years I finally started to trust her and call her "Mom".
I still run from strangers, but the people I trust can pet me all they want - - Still
I do not like to be held for very long - I guess it makes me feel trapped.
Since Mom does not know exactly when I was born she celebrates my birthday on January 7th every year which is about 4 months from my adoption date in May.
I am getting older now and I am sometimes crabby toward my feline roommates (especially the "baby" Ambrose). I want to sleep and rest my tired bones and he wants to play - how rude!!
My favorite place to sleep is in a basket of fresh laundry.
Well enough about me - it is time for my nap now.
Remember to visit Ambrose, and Bear's page when you get a chance.

* Daisy's favorite site: Check it out.