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animal Names: daisy+may

Daisy+may is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Daisy May
Domestic Mediumhair

Daisy's had a rough start. Her mother was a feral cat. During Daisy's first week of life all of her littermates were killed by a dog. Daisy was the only surviving kitten. A woman living in the neighborhood captured the feral mother and Daisy and called O'Bryonville Animal Rescue (OAR). OAR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer run organization. They promote non-lethal control for feral cat colonies and humane methods to reduce the population of feral cats. OAR works to socialize those cats and kittens and place them in well screened homes.

Before OAR could get Daisy and her mother to the rescue, the mother cat escpaed leaving only Daisy. An OAR volunteer took Daisy home and nursed her by hand until she was old enough to be placed at the rescue. Daisy had also developed herpes in one of her eyes causing her to lose her vision in one eye.

I volunteered at OAR at the time Daisy was brought to OAR and fell in love with Daisy instantly. She would meow until I would let her out of her cage and she was quite persistent. She would run around with the other cats and chase them no matter how large they were. She was a nut when she got out of her cage. She would run with her tail straight up in the air and tackle the big cats and then run away to go tackle another cat. She was hilarous to watch and her fur was silky soft which made cuddling even more enjoyable.

To this day her fur is super soft because she does an excellent job grooming herself. She is an indoor only cat and sometimes I think about her life if she had not been rescued by the good people at OAR. She is a "mama's girl" when she wants some attention and lovin which of course makes me her biggest fan.