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animal Names: dandiedemedici

Dandiedemedici is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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I am mascot for a small grass roots organization called PetsNPatients. The original Papillon, Medici was founder of this outreach. There about 70 volunteers here and in other states assist PetsNPatients in resourcing pet care for patients. The humans I work with are people powered and love driven. As Karma would be last summer on my 1st birthday my owner was ill and I was given up, lucky AnnMarie was on a pet rescue transport and we saw each other. Total Karma!
PetsNPatients asks for a pledge of service in the form of home boards, pet sits, pet day care, pet walks, home checks, which is critical to our ability to serve others! We can't do it without you, pet sitters of America! Ask yourself as a pet, who would take care of you beloved pet, if your human got seriously ill or injured this week and for how long?

The human animal bonding-healing relationship in medical and alternative healing arts is being well evaluated today in medicine. The time is now and the needs are many.

PetsNPatients NFP networks with pet rescues in the sad event a patient goes into hospice care, never comes home, loses their own home or must go into full nursing care and a pet needs to be re-homed.

Visit there is a treat waiting for your human to download for your door or window.