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animal Names: dargo

Dargo is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Labrador Retriever

Dargo is a good old mut.. "THE BEST KIND OF DOG'' lol Just kidding all dogs r the best kind. I use 2 take dargo 2 nursing homes 2 visit people. He was so good at. There was 1 time when we went 2 visit, and there was a new man there that i could c wanted 2 pet him, so i took him over 2 the man. When we got over 2 him, i could c his eyes start 2 well up with tears. I asked dargo 2 give the man a leaping kiss." Thats where he jumps up without touching the person and gives them a kiss !". The man said" dog", i said "yes good dog, his name is dargo". Then he really started 2 cry and and said " i use 2 have a dog ". I could hardly understand what he was saying, and had 2 ask him what he said. Then a housekeeper and a nurse came up 2 us and told me that the man had been there for 3 weeks and never spoke a word !.They were so shocked . It started a sort of WAVE of happiness in the nursing home.Anyway it was so nice, and made me feel so good. Most of the time after we visit, i"m left with a sort of bleak, empty feeling inside of me. I know it"s a good thing 2 do, taking dargo 2 visit but it can b very hard on a person. It"s hard 2 c so many people left with no one to love them or come 2 c them. Anyhow that"s a small part of my life with my best friend. You know old people and dogs remind me of each other, so many r just left or dumped after they get 2 a old age and some people deem them useless. PLEASE SPAY OR FIX "lol" YOUR DOGS AND CATS, I THINK IT IS ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS ANIMALS R PUT DOWN. bye bye Patty and Dargo