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animal Names: demon

Demon is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Demon? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Medium Hair

My boyfriends cat. Demon does not like kids and would hiss, this gave him his name.

Miniature Pinscher

Demon and his sister Belle came to us from a breeder in Utah. We only meant to get one but fell in love with both of them. About 6 months after we got him we noticed that Demon was running into things and seemingly tripping over his own feet. When we took him to the vet we found out he had a cataract in his left eye that made him almost blind in that eye. We opted not to operate because they couldn't guarantee he would get any of his sight back and it might come back even if it did improve his sight for awhile. He doesn't realize he can't see out of his left eye and has a great time being with his family. Even though Belle knows how to creep up on him on his left side to steal bones from him.