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animal Names: desi

Desi is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Desi is extremly bright and a delight to have as a companion. She tries to boss her sister too much and sometimes gets in trouble but when her sister Coco got locked in the bedroom as a puppy Desi talked and talked untill we followed her and found poor little Coco crying in the dark room. We thought Coco was older than she was because when we found her she had obviously been nursing puppies. Later as Ccco grew we realized that she was just a puppy her self. Desi soon taught her that Desi is boss. Desi talks to us to tell us it is dinner time bedtime, treat time and nap time. Desi loves to dance and get her tail. She somtimes makes herself very dissy and will fall over. She loves to go get the ball or a toy.She walks on her back legs, goes to the door and sits when it is bedtime and just looks at us humans idiots until we see that she is being very paitienct with us about her bedtime treat. She also tells Coco its bedtime. When she dances she tries to get Coco to dance by jumping up on the chair and off, up and off, till Coco has to at least try. She gives us lots of kisses and hugs, but sometimes gets very impulsive and will knock the paper or book out of Mammie's hand and then she gets scolded for being too pushy. She was raised on shredded paper and still loves to sleep or play on paper. Her favorite treat is a piece of chicken but she also loves ice cream and can't wait to try the new ice cream for dogs. Brockelli is also a favorite. She does not like tomatos but will pick them anyway if we have very small ones. The bunny's run wild everywhere and tease her ruthlessly because they know she cannot get out of the porch or gazebo to get to them. She does like to play at chaseing the lizards and some have very short tails. She is very good at chasing flies away also for Mommy and Daddy. She really only has one big problem; she is very jealous of Daddy when her brother and sister are around and growls at them some.
She does scare poor Coco a bit and then she has to go to her bed and take a nap. She is always happy when she wakes up and all is forgotten. She really loves everybody but is sometimes afraid of young men because a very naughty one kicked her. She didn't get hurt but she never got over that big foot picking her up and throwing her across the floor. She is a bright, intellegent little girl and certainly a darling that can just steal your heart with those big eyes and sweet kisses. Plus she may have saved our family's lives at Christmas last year. She barked at the wall behind the tree and tried to get under it. When Mommy said hey she never does anything like that unless something is wrong. Mommy thought it was a big spider. Then she got Coco and Coco barked at it with her. Then they went into the laundrey room on the other side of the wall and barked. Well Mommy finally got as smart as her babies and took the tree away to see what was going on. She watched as the two of them snift and barked at the outlet that the tree was plugged into so Mommy finally felt of it and it was HOT. When Daddy turned off the socket and opened it up it was burning. Thank you God for our dear, smart, determined little Pappillion.She is also very beautiful with a big full white tail up over her back and big brown eyes that shine with such intellegents and those tiny little legs and feet tha she tipitoes around on. We love you and apprieciate you more than words can say you dear smart , sweet little doggy.