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animal Names: diego+isaiah

Diego+isaiah is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Diego Isaiah

My name is Diego Isaiah Pedersen. I am a rescue from Putman County/ Cookeville animal shelter. I was being raised and forced to fight in the basement of a house. My owners were bad people. I wouldn't fight so they abused me. I have two broken ribs on each side of my body and they also clipped me. When my new mom came and got me she just put her dog Sheeda down three months prior. I was looking for my new home and only had that day left to find one. Me and mom connected instantly. She told them there that I was leavin with her no matter what. So grandpa paid for me to go home with them. I had to learn how to not be scared to go into a house and walk up and down stairs. When mama first brought me home it took her almost forever to get me in the house. I didn't want to walk up the stairs cuz I knew what was gonna happen. And boy was I wrong. I love mama and I get sick when she leaves for work. When dad comes to see mom I wont let him sleep next to her. I think she is all mine. Mom wants to have more kids and I'm all for it but they wont be furry like I want. I'm good with kids and animals it's just mom don't want just me.