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animal Names: dimaggio

Dimaggio is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Dimaggio? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Siberian Husky

My name is DiMaggio, I'm going to be 3 this year, and my grandpa likes to call me the D-Man because I'm often times destructive, can have devilish tendencies that sometimes get me in trouble, and if left alone for even a short period of time, I cause demolition in the living room with the couches. I'm really just a sweetheart though, just love to be with my mom and people and hate being alone. I love the water and my baby pool, although I'm sure my mom hates having to give me a bath all the time because I'm covered in mud from digging! My mom tries to feed me some gross stuff that comes in either some silver can thing or a bag, I never eat any of it though. I wait for the good stuff, the people food. Anything that contains butter, jelly or sugar is right up my alley, my fave is reddi whip right out of the can! If it's not people food, I won't eat for days because I go on strike, could be because my mom babies me too much, but how can you blame her, I give her those gorgeous blue eyes I have and POOF she's under my spell.