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animal Names: dizzy

Dizzy is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Dizzy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair
German Shorthaired Pointer

Dizzy is a GSP mix we adopted. Her mom, Sophia, is a pure breed GSP and he dad is anyone's guess. She likes to do a "full butt wag" when we get home from work and tries to be a lap dog at 40 lbs (and still growing).

American Longhair

Dizzy was a stray in the neighborhood when I moved in. This area has a lot of strays for some reason. Maybe because of the apartments and people abandoning their animals. Thankfully, there are several loving people who have adopted along me street.

I had gotten very few looks at Diz over the first year I was here. I'm not sure how long he was around but when I saw him a few blocks away, running across 8 lanes of road, I knew something had to be done. Before I could catch him, I saw him run by drenched in water -in freezing weather. One of my neighbors had thrown water on him. I found out that this person was threatening to kill him so I began setting the trap. It took me months to befriend him and for him to allow to me touch him. Even longer until I could pick him up.

I finally trapped him and had his shots and had him fixed. I was thinking he'd be an outside kitty and I'd take care of him. I brought him home from his surgery and let him recuperate in my spare bedroom. He wasn't the most friendly boy those few days, but he was quiet and seemed to understand that he needed some rest.

I finally let him back out and kept feeding him and watching him. He stayed close by and waited for me at the end of the day. Once day I came home and he was gone. When he'd been missing for a couple of days, I worried. Of course, I checked the neighborhood, the pound, everywhere. About a week after disappearing, I heard a meow late one night. I opened my door and Diz was trying to climb the steps to my door. He couldn't stand and fell constantly. He was like a rag doll and had no balance.

I rushed him to the emergency clinic and the vet said he had a mass in his ear that was causing him to lose his balance. She said it was probably cancer and would need to be removed. On the following Monday, my regular vet said the same.

During surgery, she discovered that the mass wasn't a tumor but cartilage that was just an abnormality he'd probably always had. She began researching imbalance in cats and discovered a rare virus some cats get. It usually passes with time but some cats never lose it. You can tell because most will begin walking normally again but those that never lose it will begin to walk with their heads tilted a little, to keep their balance.

After the surgery I brought him home to the spare bedroom again and knew he was officially mine. One day at the vet someone suggested I name him Dizzy and it stuck. Dizzy boy is a HUGE cat, at least 20 pounds and nothing but muscle. He has huge feet with extra toes, long, beautiful fur and is the most gentle, patient cat you can imagine. To have gone thru what he went thru and to be so very gentle and patient is really amazing. He rarely is impatient with me when I pick him up and love on him. And on top of everything else, he is sweet and gentle with Boomer, who is 18.

Dizzy is a great cat and prefers the outside. Although he's figured out that it's nicer inside during the winters.


hi! thanks for visiting my page. i like to sit under table lamps and against heater vents...if its warm...i'm there!