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animal Names: dora+bell+mohr

Dora+bell+mohr is the number 100+ most popular animal name on

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Dora Bell Mohr

I am a very spoiled lil' pooch that loves to snuggle and go on car rides (Best place to catch some rays!). I also prefer to be referenced as "Queen" of our Casa because I love getting my way!!! I am however, a very sweet lil' girl. It's just sometimes I need to ensure everyone knows who's "Boss"! I have 2 brother dogs, Peanut (Sheltie), and Diego (Red Heeler-Jack Russel Mix), and also a sister dog, Emma (Welsh Corgi)... So, I am the littlest one of all, but I have a very mean bark, and will show my teeth if they try stealing my BISCUITS! :) I'm not quite sure why my Mom and Dad thought they needed other companions when they had MEEEE, but I guess I do kinda love havin play-mates! We loveeeee to play Chuck-It!!! I also love to hunt for rodents or just whatever might not be so appealing to my Mom... Although I think when I bring her my "treasures", she is very proud! :) But, that is pretty much mE! I love livin' in the country where there is so much room to run and play, and of course extra critters to chase!!! Oh, and I also only eat "soft-biscuits"! I don't like those hard Milk-Bone things... :-/ I don't even know why my Mom bothers wasting money on those, Beggin Strips are WAYYYY better! (Proly for my fat sister Emma because she will eat ANYTHING!!!) Lastly, I LOVEEEEE my family! <3

***Just wanted to let all my ani~pals know that if I follow you, I give you a +1 at the same time! I wanted to let ya know in case I don't put it in the comments... Thanks for bein such good friends! <3