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animal Names: dotty

Dotty is the number 100+ most popular animal name on Is your animal named Dotty? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Jack Russell Terrier

Dotty is the oldest of our three girls :) She's very spunky though! She's such a cutie pie and my favorite girl :) She's tiny, but mighty and the sweetest thing ever! She has the prettiest markings, too! Her brothers and sisters were all black, but she's the runt and they ran out of black ink sooo she's our spotty Dotty!


Well, I'm the new kid in the house. I'm only about four months old but already I've been apart of more households than I have brain cells left over. I am here to stay. If someone has to leave this time, it will be the humans and we cats will take over. Although I don't know who will pay the rent or buy the food. I'm a Tammico kitty, with calico markings, but I am also part siamese (if you please). Momma will get some pics up of me soon. I can't wait to start pestering the other cats. That Chibi wants to play and play badly. Kitkat, well, I'll be taking some of her human treats. Muhahahahahahah! Meow!